Hinged Window Board

Our own unique registered LockDry design that is suitable for small to medium sizes - from 400mm x 400mm up to a suggested maximum of 1500mm x 1200mm. Larger sizes are possible depending on materials and configuration.

Available as our Standard Hinged Window Notice Board with an external depth of 72mm front to back with an internal display depth of 35mm, allowing clearance for decorative magnets, pins, sashes and rosettes, frames etc.

Also available as our Deep Hinged Window Notice Board that can be in any larger depth that you want so that you can have a large display cabinet that's fully weatherproof, suitable for displaying trophies, sculptures and other 3 dimensional items.

Designed to be extremely robust and attractive, they come with large radius fully rounded corners for beauty and safety and f ull length powder coated stainless steel hinge with concealed full surround rubber seal.  No moisture, dust or insect intrusion.
The fully powder coated aluminium casings, marine ply backing and durable dislpay materials will last for years - they are made to be displayed and used. 

With over 100 powdercoating colours available, Boards can have one or several colours to match your style guide.
Marysville - 1000mm x 1000mm with Magnetic backing material, internal signwriting and Single-post Ground Mount frame
Gardenvale Presbyterian Chruch - 1500mm x 750mm, Top Hinge with custom Ground Mount Frame and magnetic lettering kit
Available with toughened glass or unbreakable acrylic or polycarbonate windows that can be hinged left, right, top or bottom, and with or without gas-struts and a wide range of display materials including pinnable Krommenie, Hush, Vertiface, Cork or magnet-hold Colorbond or whiteboard backing. Other custom options available on request.

Single lock for smaller sizes and two keyed-alike locks for larger sizes for secure sealing and security with replaceable locks and keys - full maintenance and replacement information and service available.

Full surround mounting flange for external signage or signage can be attached onto the glass (outside or inside). Signwriting can be arranged during construction so that the Board arrives fully signwritten to your specifications, or it can be done by the customer.

Mount on a wall or on our engineer specification ground mounts or your mounts.   All mounting materials, templates and instructions are provided. Concealed mounts prevent theft or unauthorized tampering as well as maintaining attractive look.

Key Features
  • Available in wide variety of sizes and configurations
  • Your choice of window and display material and colours
  • Full customisation of other features
  • Easy to install and maintain